2018 Stewardship

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By providing a safe place that welcomes all who enter our doors, we spread the good news that “God is Still Speaking” through our worship and outreach programs.


Dear Members and Friends of our Church Family,

God's hand and spiritual guidance are present and strong through the workings of our church. We firmly believe we are entrusted to be God's servants and continue our faithful path. To keep this church vital and relevant in today's world requires much time, talent, and a big financial commitment.

Please download the information booklet that goes into detail, our Stewardship Campaign that proposes the budget for 2018. As you read through these pages, prayerfully consider what you might contribute.  We welcome your support in any way you can to keep our church vibrant and spread the word that “God is Still Speaking.”

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Supporting our Beliefs with Time and Talent

How much are we willing to invest in its ongoing missions?  Each of us has something to share, to contribute, to give back.  In good faith, let us take this opportunity to pledge our talents, time, and financial support.  God loves a cheerful giver. Let's give until it feels good.

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Let us enter stewardship time prayerfully and with grateful hearts.

Stewardship Prayer:

Loving God, thank you for this opportunity to participate in the on-  going mission of this church, your church.

Help me to remember that everything I have comes from You.

Open my heart and hands with generosity as I promise my support.

Use my talents and financial commitment to continue your work in this   church and in the world.  Amen