We extend a special welcome to all who are single, or single parents, married folks, whether you are with or without kids, divorced folks, widowed, gay, lesbian, transgender, questioning, wondering folks, and we welcome you here whether you are proudly normal or proudly different.  You are welcome here if you are very rich, or very poor or very in-between; whether you have a job or not, whether you are looking for a job or not, or whether you are blissfully retired. You are welcome here no matter what your longevity, whether a burbling newborn, or a discrete “woman of a certain age.”  You are welcome here if you walk, roll, use crutches or slowly use a cane to come down this aisle, whether you know us all by name, or do not yet know a single one of us. You are welcome here if you can’t see well or hear well or think well right now—we have all been there at some time or other.  You are welcome here if you are an opera singer or shy shower-singer, if you can’t sing a note or if you are a world-class musician.  You are welcome here if your skin is pale, or freckled, or any of a hundred shades of beautiful brown.  You are welcome here if you speak English at home, or Spanish, or Italian, or urban slang; your language doesn’t matter here because we all speak love. You are welcome here no matter what foods you like, or clothes you like, or what music you listen to.  You are welcome here if you have body ink, or piercings, or both.  You are welcome here whether a Red Sox fan or Diamondbacks fan, whether your football is round or shaped like a pigskin.  You are welcome here if you are sad or happy, whether you do or do not feel like you fit in; whether you are down in the dumps or just wondering what it’s all about. We welcome you here if you think the world was created in seven days or seven eons, whether you think organized religion is awesome or hopelessly out-of-date—because we’ve wondered that, too.  We welcome you here if you came to see for yourself, or because grandma is in town and made you come, or because your GPS messed up, and you are lost and looking for Starbucks. We offer a special welcome to those of you who come needing a prayer today; to those of you who have had religion shoved down your throat as a kid and need a safe place to worship without pressure; and to those of you who love your church but are looking for a faith community where women are treated equally to men.  Here, all are equal in God’s love. We welcome you here if this is your 800 th time or your first time, whether you are church shopping for a home for you and your children, or are just passing through.  Here, we welcome inquirers, seekers, tourists, doubters, friends, wanderers and those who are lost. Because, no matter who you are, and no matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here In our glorious diversity, let us worship God together. (modified from Spring Glen United Church of Christ)